Finding Your Church School

The Alabama Homeschool Directory provides a listing of many Alabama Church Schools for homeschoolers which we’ll go into below. After you’ve gone over our Questionnaire. You have an idea of what you are looking for in a church school, but you still need to find one. However, not every church school is listed on the … Read more

Ezekiel Academy

Ezekiel Academy is established to glorify God in all things by facilitating families in the Kingdom of God who are acting in obedience to God’s call to teach their children within the framework of God’s Word and their personally held Biblical-based convictions and beliefs.

Evangel Christian School

“The vision of Evangel Christian School is to aid parents in the homeschooling of their children in order to know the preeminence of Christ, by encouraging their pursuit of Scriptural knowledge, Biblical understanding, and academic inquiry, through the development of analytical and communication skills.”

Saint Peter’s Academy

Saint Peter’s Academy (Church School) – St. Peter’s Academy operates as a ministry of the Church and serves Catholic families in the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama, USA. This is an association of families who work together to provide formation and education of their children in a home centered environment.

Truth and Freedom Home School Academy

Truth and Freedom Home School Academy (Church School) – Enrollment is accepted throughout the year. Parents and educators may choose their own curriculum Truth and Freedom Home School Academy is a ministry of Truth and Freedom Ministries, Inc. in Decatur, Alabama. We believe that educating our children is the responsibility of the parents, and obtaining a Christian education is an absolute necessity in our society.

North Alabama Christian School

North Alabama Christian School Requirements / Enrollment Area: Membership is open to faithful members of the churches of Christ in North Alabama only. Preacher/Elder recommendation required. Services: Faculty meetings, field trips, diplomas, transcripts, dual enrollment, lending library, coop.

Valleydale Academy

Valleydale Academy
We require that our families use an accredited curriculum, especially for high school, that fulfills the requirement for graduation in our State. We require 170 days of attendance, but that spans the whole 12 month year. We don’t mind if a family hires a tutor, but we do not allow students 14 and under to be at home alone without a parent or teacher. Proof of guardianship is required.

Jubilee Academy

Jubilee Academy

General description (or Mission Statement): Parents are responsible & accountable to God for the training of their children to the best of their abilities. To that end, Jubilee Academy exists to give parents the freedom to do so.

Enrollment Area: Any family is welcome in the state. However, in order to participate, realistically probably the central part of AL.