Essential Church School

Essential Church School exists to provide homeschool families with a God-honoring, comprehensive program that consists of academic accountability, tools and resources, extracurricular activities, and parental support and education to help families achieve success in their homeschool journey.

Evangel Christian School

“The vision of Evangel Christian School is to aid parents in the homeschooling of their children in order to know the preeminence of Christ, by encouraging their pursuit of Scriptural knowledge, Biblical understanding, and academic inquiry, through the development of analytical and communication skills.”

Valleydale Academy

Valleydale Academy
We require that our families use an accredited curriculum, especially for high school, that fulfills the requirement for graduation in our State. We require 170 days of attendance, but that spans the whole 12 month year. We don’t mind if a family hires a tutor, but we do not allow students 14 and under to be at home alone without a parent or teacher. Proof of guardianship is required.

Jubilee Academy

Contact Information: Administrator: Julie McElroy Telephone: 205-951-3103 Email: Website: Jubilee Academy Address: P.O. Box 100993, Irondale, AL 35210 Sponsoring church: Jubilee Christian Fellowship General description (or Mission Statement): Parents are responsible & accountable to God for the training of their children to the best of their abilities. To that end, Jubilee Academy exists to … Read more