Jubilee Academy

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General description (or Mission Statement): Parents are responsible & accountable to God for the training of their children to the best of their abilities. To that end, Jubilee Academy exists to give parents the freedom to do so.

Enrollment Area: Any family is welcome in the state. However, in order to participate, realistically probably the central part of AL.

Requirements: Monthly evaluation sheets/Final Report card. Taking either the ACT, SAT, or Jubilee Graduation Exam for high school graduation

Fees: Enrollment fee required Monthly tuition of $25 per family

Services: Choice of any curriculum. monthly field trips – optional. Quarterly structure (older students). High School Diploma. Transcripts.

  • Statement of Faith: Not required.
  • HSLDA: Does not require membership in HSLDA. Encourage participants to contribute to The Southeast Law Institute, which serves locally.

This information last verified 03/25/21.

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