Rosewood Academy and High School

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General description (or Mission Statement):

Providing an avenue of independence in educational choices for homeschooling families in Alabama. Rosewood Academy is a Church School Cover.


  • All homeschooling families to complete 140 days of attendance annually.
  • Please contact Rosewood Academy to inform us you are intending to return your student(s) to public school upon registration.
  • All homeschooling families to turn in the CSEF to your local Board of Education and the RFR (if needed) to the school the student(s) are leaving.
  • All homeschooling families to notify us immediately of any change of address and contact information, which includes email and phone numbers.
  • Notification if you are unable to complete 140 days of attendance annually.
  • Notification of un-enrollment/withdrawal within 3 days.
  • All homeschool families are responsible to obtain all books, curriculums or online course works that are necessary for each grade level as they determine suitable.
  • All homeschool families to maintain thorough records of: end of the year grades, test scores, days educated, course of study, books read, extracurricular activates, interests, hobbies, volunteer work and any honors or awards. Also that you keep portions of essays written, book reports, completed assignments.
  • All homeschooling families to turn in, upon completion of all completed High School courses, a graduation transcript.
  • All homeschooling families to turn in a new CSEF if you have moved to a new school district in order to notify the BOE.


  • Legal Church School cover statewide which offers a family based education for homeschooling families in Alabama
  • Administrative support
  • Official transcript of graduating seniors (a fee for others)
  • Three types of diplomas
  • Information and resources on our website to help with the home education process


$85 enrollment fee annually for the whole family, regardless of the number of children in your immediate family.

  • Statement of Faith: Not required.
  • HSLDA: Does not require membership in HSLDA.

This information last verified 04/02/21.