Christian Fellowship Academy

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Mission Statement:

A ministry to inform & encourage Christian families to educate children from a Christian worldview and for fellowship with like minded families.


Report attendance once a year on June 15. At least 160 days of Attendance.


  • Information to find support local groups.
  • Transcripts & Diplomas ( If requested).
  • We also provide encouragement to our members.
  • A yahoo group was started by the administrator of Christian Fellowship Academy. It is open to anyone in our cover school. It is for fellowship. And members are free to post any homeschool items you have for sale, questions you may have, or anything else pertaining to homeschooling.


$100.00 per family for the first year / $75.00 per family for returning members

  • Statement of Faith: Not required.
  • HSLDA: Does not require membership in HSLDA.

This information last verified 03/29/21.

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